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Opportunity Onramps

The Bay Area is home to 1.4 million individuals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs). These talented workers are highly qualified for many in-demand jobs in the Bay Area, yet are often overlooked.

Bay Area Opportunity Onramps (BAOO) is a collaborative effort to accelerate hiring pathways for STARs. With a common vision and shared insights, tools, and data, BAOO bridges the gap between STARs and forward-thinking companies who are ready to hire skilled, diverse talent.

Join us in our mission to hire 5,000+ STARs by 2024. 

We’re changing the way companies think about talent.

Traditional hiring models routinely exclude workers without a bachelor’s degree. In the Bay Area, this includes 55% of Black and 52% of Latinx workers as well as 64% of veterans and other disadvantaged communities.

Yet, the majority of employers say STARs are at least as productive as employees with a four-year degree.1

Together with our partners and funded in part by Workday, we are paving the way for greater diversity in the workplace and greater upward mobility for Bay Area STARs by jointly addressing the needs of employers, job seekers, and talent developers.


We’re building a Bay Area that values potential over pedigree.


Smart companies are focusing on skills and fueling their workforce with STARs. We see the opportunity. Do you? 


If you’re ready to join a growing community investing in skills and committed to more equitable hiring practices, get involved.

Getting started with STARs is easy.


Bay Area Opportunity Onramps employers gain access to our new Stellarworx online talent platform, which leverages Workday’s Skills Cloud to help employers find, vet and hire local STARs that both meet their need for skilled talent and are essential to achieving an equitable economic recovery.


Employers who hire STARs get the highly qualified talent they need to move business forward and create pathways for greater workplace diversity. Employers can feel confident knowing that STARs have obtained skills through alternative routes like technical bootcamps, community colleges, military service and on-the-job experience.2 They are eager to play important roles in your organization. Stellarworx (powered by Workday’s Skills Cloud) is a faster way to find your next STAR.

Talent Developers

Talent Developers who use Stellarworx gain access to Bay Area organizations who are specifically looking to hire STARs. Stellarworx aggregates the employers, roles, and talent in one place so you don’t have to individually manage those relationships. It’s a faster way to get your STARs hired because you can more efficiently match them with the right jobs.


STARs benefit by having one central location showcasing Bay Area companies who are actively looking to hire STARs like them. If you are a STAR (Skilled Through Alternative Routes), Stellarworx helps you get recognized for your skills. If you’re ready to transition to a better career, visit SkillUp’s Bay Area platform, “LevelUp to discover the right training pathway for you. 

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  1. Source: Harvard Business School, Accenture & Grads of Life Study, 2016-17, p. 23

  2. Source: American Community Survey, University of Minnesota Integrated Public Use Microdata Sample, 2020