Komal Kirtikar Photo

Komal Kirtikar

Senior Vice President, Customer Success and Delivery

Komal is responsible for driving strategy and operations of our Opportunity Marketplace for employers and providers to enable overlooked talent to be hired into career path jobs. In this role Komal leads operations that cover the planning, testing, seeding and scaling of our Opportunity Marketplace – including customer acquisition and delivery. She works with our product and technology team and external partners to ensure technology enablement drives marketplace outcomes for customers faster and at scale.

She has spent the last 5+ years in double sided marketplaces at Lyft, pioneering teams across both the operations and marketing organizations. She was Lyft’s General Manager of their very first market (San Francisco) proving out Lyft’s model. She then served as Director, Customer Service and Trust & Safety where she led one of the largest teams at the company, scaling it from 12 to 150+ FTEs. Recently, she started and led Lyft’s product marketing team to understand and develop solutions for customer pain points. During her time at Lyft, she faced and solved the many challenges that come with building and scaling a new and innovative marketplace, from defining a value proposition, to acquiring customers, building a customer service team, and much more.

Komal is passionate about keeping a strong customer-centric focus and building analytical, high performing teams. More globally she is keen to help advance socioeconomic equity amongst diverse communities. Outside of work, Komal loves yoga, culinary experiments with her husband and unpredictable art projects with her toddler.

Pronouns: she/her/hers