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Our Opportunity Marketplace will connect employers online with training providers that place job-seeking STARs so they can identify and vet suitable STARs more quickly.

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The Opportunity Marketplace is an online marketplace that will connect employers with training providers placing job-seeking STARs (Skilled Through Alternative Routes), allowing employers to more quickly identify and vet STARs who meet their needs. 

Currently, an employer seeking to fill an entry-level tech role could spend six months to 2 years identifying and building trust in an inclusive training provider. Our Opportunity Marketplace platform speeds up this process by enabling employers to rely on a matching algorithm and other employers’ feedback to identify trusted providers and hire candidates. It also allows the providers to better understand and adapt to employers’ needs.

The new marketplace will open with soft launches in the Washington, D.C. and San Diego metro areas in 2020 and will focus on entry-level tech roles.

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Changing the way you hire STARs

Current recruiting for STARs
It can take 6 months to 2 years just to identify and build relationships with training providers to hire candidates from.

Within that 6 months to 2 years, employers are trying to understand the providers’ curriculum, teaching staff, and student experience in order to determine the quality of the candidates and ensure a strong fit for their open positions.


Opportunity Marketplace recruiting for STARs
Shorten the time it takes to relationship build with training providers.

Employers can more quickly find a fit by entering requirements and getting matches in return. Employers can also see feedback from other employers who have hired from providers to assess the right fit.

Training Providers

How can Opportunity Marketplace Benefit Employers?

Opportunity Marketplace allows you to quickly identify and vet job-seeking STARs who meet your specific needs. It provides information about training providers and their reputation to help you assess the candidates’ quality and fit.

One-Stop Shop for STARs

Aggregation of STARs available for a variety of tech roles and employment options, including internships and full-time positions

Easy Matches

Tools for quick identification of the candidates who match your requirements, along with contact information for the provider

Provider Reviews

Efficient assessment of inclusive training providers through feedback from other employers who’ve worked with them

STARs profiles

Fast, direct access to view candidate qualifications and vet quality

How can Opportunity Marketplace Benefit Training Providers?

Opportunity Marketplace allows you to place job-seeking STARs with employers quickly by identifying employer needs and receiving feedback to improve matches.

One-Stop Shop of employers hiring STARs

Easy access to employers that have identified themselves as willing to hire STARs 

Matching capabilities

Tools for quick identification of the employers and roles that can be a fit for your candidates, along with contact information

Feedback and reputation

Direct employer feedback that you can leverage for new sales and ongoing improvements

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Want to bring this to your city?

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