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You’ve trained them to be job-ready. Now let’s get your STARs discovered. Stellarworx is a faster way to place more individuals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes, or STARs*, into tech-powered jobs with high-growth potential.

Let your STARs shine for the skills they have, rather than be blocked by the degrees they don’t.

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“We’re thrilled to partner with Opportunity@Work to get even more of our graduates into high-demand fields with meaningful upward mobility.”

Rebecca Taber, co-CEO of Merit America

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*STARs (noun) — There are more than 70 million talented professionals who don’t have a bachelor’s degree but have gained valuable skills on the job, through training programs or other alternative routes.

Direct access to inclusive employers

Spend more time opening the right doors for your candidates. Fast-track connections with only companies that are intentionally hiring STARs.

A smarter way to match STARs to jobs

Are your candidates a good fit for the job? The higher the “match score,” the easier it is to see if a candidate meets an employer’s needs.

One place to track every STAR

Know exactly where your candidates are in their job searches. Track the number of applications sent, interviews requested, and more while you coach your candidates along the way – until they land the tech job of their dreams.

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