Alawna Jamison's' Photo

Alawna Jamison

Customer Success Manager

Alawna owns the customer journey and success for employers, job seekers, training providers and volunteers as they use Opportunity@Work solutions for skills-based hiring. She works to ensure that each student has the resources they need to enter and excel in the tech sector, and that employers are connected to skilled job candidates.

Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, Alawna served as a leader in Operations and Customer Experience with Upside Travel. She was committed to ensuring operational success and a superior customer experience. She has worked in establishing the customer service mission, and planning customer retention strategy. Throughout her career, Alawna has stayed committed to her mission of providing a voice for communities effected by systematic inequality. In her previous roles, Alawna has held a position in company diversity workgroups. She has led organization discussions on the importance of representation, respect, and acceptance. In her current role with Opportunity@Work, Alawna plans to continue to advocate for the nontraditional individual, and promote internal and external cultures of inclusion.