Amy Mortimer's' Photo

Amy Mortimer

Senior Director, Insights

Amy supports efforts to build an inclusive hiring marketplace and platform for job seekers around the country. She works with numerous partners to surface opportunities to scale successful outcomes for skill and job seekers across the United States.

Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, she worked at ICF, a consulting services company, where she provided program and policy support to several federal agencies. She helped translate program rules into working processes and supported capacity building through training and technical assistance.  Among her proudest moments were support of disaster recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy as well as her contributions to training professionals nationwide to combat childhood lead-poisoning.  Amy likes to make complex problems simpler and facilitate communication between stakeholders with different perspectives.  She is passionate about creating learning environments, coaching teams, and mentoring individuals, which is why she also teaches a class on leadership for NYU students in DC and volunteers for Amigos de las Americas, a youth leadership organization. Amy began her professional journey as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching high school in the Southern African nation of Lesotho.