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Audrey Mickahail (Bio)

SVP, Delivery

Audrey Mickahail is Vice President, Insights Services. In this role, she is responsible for developing the strategy, building the body of knowledge, and ultimately, helping organizations to realize the potential to recruit, value, and advance STARs through the application of research-based best practices.

A versatile professional, Audrey is highly regarded for her public speaking, insight generation, and talent development skills. She has extensive experience translating ideas and insight into practical tools and guidance for an executive audience across an array of management challenges, including workforce planning, operating model design, and strategic planning.

Before joining Opportunity@Work, Audrey built a corporate advisory practice at JFF focused on equitable talent practices and social impact strategies. She was previously a senior director at Gartner, a research and consulting firm, where she played many roles in a more than 20-year career. Most recently, she worked with multiple research teams to develop insights that she presented to clients globally at executive retreats and Gartner events. Before that, she led an advisory team. Earlier in her career, she led research teams at CEB and Meta Group, both of which were acquired by Gartner.

When not at work, Audrey can often be found consuming audio books and looking for opportunities for creative expression with her family: photography with her son, crafting and volunteering with her daughter, and mixing cocktails with her spouse.