Ivan Santillan's' Photo

Ivan Santillan

Senior Associate, Data Analyst

Ivan was born and raised in South East Los Angeles. He is a proud Angeleno who enjoys attending live sporting events and roots for the Dodgers and Lakers. His professional background expands from Outreach/Recruitment & Talent Acquisitions to Information Technology. Fun fact – Ivan reimaged/fixed a computer for Kobe Bryant’s orthopedic surgeon during his time as an IT Specialist at Cedar Sinai Hospital. He is an alumnus and former Recruitment Specialist of Year Up, a non-profit program/organization with a similar mission as Opporutnity@Work. He was also previously a Recruiter/Talent Acquisitions for a community-based organization, SHIELDS for Families, that focuses on providing support services to at-risk families/individuals throughout the Los Angeles community. He has a huge passion to empower those who lack resources/opportunities, but seek to better themselves and others. Ivan is someone who has highly benefited from hands-on work experience, despite not having an educational background.