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Kelcey Reed (Bio)

Chief Technology Officer

Kelcey Reed is an Engineering and IT Executive with 20+ years of success building and delivering next-generation solutions and optimizing technical environments in the FinTech and EdTech industries. He is a recognized catalyst for change who infuses new ideas and technologies that fuel continuous organizational transformation and take products and solutions to the next level at organizations like Bank of America, CompuCredit, JP Morgan Chase Bank, Compass Bank, SunTrust Bank, Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, Nationwide Insurance, Higher One, SettlementOne, National Credit Center, and Merchant E-Solutions. He is an expert at integrating best practices to create a high-energy and synergistic workforce.

As an Army war veteran, Kelcey has brought life lessons about resiliency to all his leadership roles. He is a tenacious problem solver, that can readily adapt to and push through business and technology challenges to devise innovative solutions that fully support the bottom line.

Kelcey is a CSM, PMI-ACP, and PMP-holder and has won multiple leadership awards while serving in the U.S. Army and his corporate career in the private sector.

In Kelcey’s spare time, his hobbies include reading up on the latest technology or gadgets to improve technology, learning the latest programming language, and playing golf.