Natalia Lara's' Photo

Natalia Lara

Innovation Product Lead

As a first-generation immigrant from El Salvador, Natalia learned first-hand how challenging it is to build a professional career without a Bachelor’s degree. Through persistence and hard work, they crafted a decades-long career in talent acquisition spanning the public, private and non-profit sectors. Natalia now brings their passion and experience to Opportunity@Work where they have served on the Stellarworx business team since 2018, supporting R&D during its pre-launch and standing up the Customer Success function in 2020. Currently, Natalia has joined the Product team as Product Manager, supporting the customer-centric evolution of our Stellarworx product as we scale across existing and new markets.

In their downtime, Natalia enjoys trying new recipes in the kitchen, game/movie nights with their family, and polishing their guitar and coding skills.