Wilkin Sanchez (Bio)'s' Photo

Wilkin Sanchez (Bio)

Founder of the Rhode Island Group for Hispanic Technology (RIGHT)

Wilkin Sanchez is an immigrant from Bani, Dominican Republic. Wilkin currently lives in Providence, RI, and he’s the founder of the Rhode Island Group for Hispanic Technology (RIGHT). When he moved to the United States, he faced a lot of challenges that he needed to overcome. The lack of a College Degree, and not speaking fluent English prevented Wilkin from getting a High-paying IT job. However, those roadblocks never stopped him from accomplishing some of his dreams.

The first few years of Wilkin’s life in the United States were full of rejection and never got an opportunity to show to employers the skills he had because he was lacking a college degree. Wilkin then connected to Opportunity@Work, and they allowed him to show his technical skills. After that, Wilkin got hired by a local company in Rhode Island (Envision Technology Advisors) as a Technology Specialist and subsequently promoted to CyberSecurity Associate.

After graduating from the Community College of Rhode Island, Wilkin started RIGHT. An organization with the mission of providing technical training in Spanish and helping small Hispanic businesses implement more technologies to their daily operations. Wilkin’s organization, RIGHT, has helped hundreds of Hispanics in Rhode Island learn more about technology, and business owners to change the way they operate daily using technology.

Wilkin is also a strong advocate of skills-based hiring. Wilkin believes that employers should look outside of regular hiring practices and consider applicants who may not have a college degree. Wilkin believes that the talent pool will be more inclusive if employers look outside the standard hiring processes.