Opportunity@Work – New Stage, Same Mission

WASHINGTON, DC (March 22, 2017)– Opportunity@Work operated as a program of New America and is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its “incubation” stage, and the start of a new stage: Opportunity@Work has ‘hatched’ into a fully independent 501c3 organization, and moved to a new main office, at 1111 19th Street NW, Suite 1180, Washington DC 20008.  Opportunity@Work’s diverse and committed team continues to be guided by a mission to expand access to career opportunities so that all Americans can work, learn, and earn to their full potential in a dynamic economy.

Opportunity@Work was born just 2 years ago, in March 2015, on the same day then-President Obama announced the launch of a nationwide TechHire initiative to the National League of Cities, beginning with 21 U.S. communities, 300 committed employers, and 100+ innovation partners.

Opportunity@Work set out to transform the tremendous energy and felt need in diverse American communities reflected by TechHire into a platform from which to rewire the U.S. labor market – so it  works for tens of millions of Americans who are “stuck” – overlooked, undervalued, and unable to realize their full talents. From day one, Opportunity@Work stepped up to serve – mainly behind-the-scenes – as a connective tissue among TechHire cities, states and rural regions – and the even more diverse set of education and training institutions, social enterprises, leading companies, and innovators who offer world-class capabilities to our cause.  Supporting TechHire as a “movement brand” in which all partners could participate, Opportunity@Work organized bi-weekly webinars for TechHire Hub leads, co-convened in-person working sessions among communities, employers, and educators, created a shared TechHire Playbook, provided onboarding for 51 communities which enthusiastically followed the initial wave of 21, and plugged communities into expert resources and world-class tech partners.

The initial results are promising. Since its launch, TechHire has grown to a network of 237 training partners and 1,300 employer partners in 72 communities across the country. Most importantly, TechHire has helped over 4,000 people gain new skills, help employers identify their talents and be placed into tech jobs. TechHire works with community partners and education providers that teach in-demand skills to people who want to take part in the modern economy—from overlooked youth, to veterans, to the long-term unemployed to millions who learn on the job but never gain a credential. TechHire has seen success in both urban and rural areas, finding tech talent is in every zip code.

In late 2016, TechHire officially transitioned from its origins as a White House “initiative” to a fully operational program of Opportunity@Work, which is committed to empowering 100,000 Americans to earn career-path jobs in technology fields through this inclusive hiring marketplace by 2020.


“New America has and will continue to be a proud supporter of Opportunity@Work! Making sure every American has a pathway to work without unreasonable barriers or hidden rules is critical to our nation’s growth and success. I have full confidence that Opportunity@Work will continue to be a leader in helping every day people be a part of today’s economy and the future of work.”
– Anne-Marie Slaughter, President, New America

“During our first 21 months of building and learning, New America provided a welcoming, creative, intellectually rigorous, and data-rich environment in which Opportunity@Work has thrived. New America supported our mission, contributed to our successful launch as a ‘civic enterprise’ and independent organization. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with New America as a thought partner, institutional friend, and champion of civic innovation.”
– Byron G. Auguste, President and Co-Founder, Opportunity@Work

“We worked daily among New America colleagues, so many of whom are deeply knowledgeable thought-leaders in relevant fields: post-secondary education, accreditation, financial aid, civic technology, cybersecurity, and cities as innovation hubs.”
– Karan Chopra, Executive-Vice President & Co-Founder, Opportunity@Work

“In 2017 and beyond, Opportunity@Work looks forward to accelerating our mission, expanding our team and growing partnerships that will help us rewire the U.S. labor market. We plan to continue cultivating partnerships with employers, community organizations, civic leadership and job seekers to create pathways to meaningful jobs and fulfilling careers. We’ll know we’re successful when Americans who have the skills can access the U.S. labor market without unnecessary barriers to their ability to contribute.”
– Khalilah Harris, Chief of Staff and Vice-President, External Affairs, Opportunity@Work

Opportunity@Work is a nonprofit social enterprise with a mission to expand access to career opportunities so that all Americans can work, learn, and earn to their full potential in a dynamic economy. By 2025, Opportunity@Work will empower over 1 million Americans, creating $20 billion+ per year of additional earnings for Americans across the country. Opportunity@Work expands access to career opportunities for all by building partnerships with employers, community organizations, civic leadership and job seekers to transform hiring practices, expand learning pathways, and pioneer talent financing. To learn more, visit opportunityatwork.org.

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