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The one-stop resource center for federal, state, and local governments to address their most pressing workforce challenges with workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs).

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Opportunity@Work is excited to be working with experts to collectively assemble resource, support and know-how to drive skills-based practices across the public sector to tap into all of the potential of US workers across the country.

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The Tools and Resources You Need to Build a Skills-based Labor Market

Making the shift to skills requires insights and data about STARs, regional landscapes and narratives, participation in a learning network, and long-term best practice resources and assistance.

Here’s a snapshot of the types of support the Hub will provide with partners, along with a few links to get you started.

Analytics and Insights

Narrative Design

Access trusted data about the workforce, local employer demand, and needed skills to identify unique opportunities to leverage STARs, through Stellarsight, The STARs Strategy Dashboard

Personalize proven, effective messaging on the vast, overlooked, diverse, and skilled population of STARs in your community.

Research and Resources


Tap into research and resources to support policy makers and hiring strategists to understand why STARs and a skills-based approach to employment are critical to any workforce strategy like:

Join a community with like-minded peers to crowdsource solutions and learn from each others’ experience. Coming in May 2024!


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