About the STARs
Public Sector Hub

The STARs Public Sector Hub is a one-stop shop to equip public sector leaders at the federal, state and local levels with the resources, relationships and know-how to advance skills-based practices in the public sector. The Hub is a non-partisan, non-profit network supported and facilitated by Opportunity@Work.

Opportunity@Work recognizes states’ efforts toward advancing skills-based hiring in the public sector. Driven by the needs of government leaders, the STARs Public Sector Hub, in partnership with its members, will provide:


Trusted data about the workforce, local employer demand and needed skills to identify unique opportunities for employers to leverage STARs


Personalized proven, effective messaging on the vast, overlooked, diverse, and skilled population of STARs in your community


Research and resources to support policy makers and hiring strategists to understand why STARs and a skills-based approach to employment are critical to any workforce strategy


A community of like-minded peers to crowd source solutions and learn from each others’ experiences