Partner with the STARs Public Sector Hub

The STARs Public Sector Hub is a one-stop shop to equip public sector leaders at the federal, state and local levels with the resources, relationships and know-how needed to advance skills-based practices in the public sector necessary to tap into STAR talent.

To advance the core value propositions of the Hub, Opportunity@Work is working with partners in the workforce development and policy-making ecosystem to leverage their expertise and capabilities in advancing skills-based practices across the public sector.

Public Sector Hub Partnership

To support members of the Hub in their skills-based practices journey, we partner with workforce development nonprofits in three ways:

  • Data: We support you with data & analytics to use within the communities you work, helping to drive skills-based practices in the public sector
  • Research: We share your research with others in the public sector community
  • Implementation: We support your work on the ground with data and insight; we learn from your findings to inform implementation of skills-based practices within public sector members of the Hub

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