It's time to create a labor market where all talent can shine

Together we’re advancing skills-first solutions for STARs — workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes

A skills-first labor market means more opportunities for Americans

We’re building a labor market where all Americans can work, learn, and earn to their full potential. Because right now, highly skilled STARs (workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes) are overlooked simply because they don’t have a bachelor’s degree. The result of today’s broken labor market? Unfilled positions, restricted economic mobility, and stalled industry and economic growth.

Opportunity@Work is driving action and clarity by providing insights, customized tools, and services to advance skills-first hiring practices so STARs can thrive. No organization can do this alone – we must work together, on purpose.

70+ million U.S. workers are Skilled Through Alternative Routes such as on-the-job experience, military service, community college, partial college completion, certificate programs, and workforce training, rather than through a bachelor’s degree. STARs exist in every industry, geography, and represent the demographic diversity of the country.


Custom Solutions to Catalyze Change

For Enterprises

Employers need skilled talent to innovate and compete – but without STARs, they only have half a talent strategy. Opportunity@Work offers STARs-driven tools and data to implement skills-first hiring.

For Public Sector

Whether you’re trying to hire skilled talent as an employer, or you’re a policymaker advancing skills-first hiring — our STARs Public Sector Hub can provide you with the tools and resources you need.

For Philanthropies

Leaders of systemic change know that the biggest and toughest problems can only be solved when partners work together. Opportunity@Work optimizes your time and investment, and ensures your portfolio contains a STARs-inclusive strategy.

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Featured News & Progress
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Public Sector

STARs Public Sector Hub

The one-stop resource center for federal, state, and local governments to address their most pressing workforce challenges with workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs).

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STAR Barriers and Breakthroughs

The STAR Barriers and Breakthroughs Framework offers a way to understand their experience and expand opportunities for mobility by recognizing the systemic barriers they encounter in the labor market.

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Make the shift to skills-based hiring with Stellarsight

Opportunity@Work’s new STARs data dashboard helps inform more inclusive workforce strategies.

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In 2022, Opportunity@Work launched a national public service campaign called “Tear the Paper Ceiling,” developed in partnership with the Ad Council, aiming to raise awareness of STARs’ potential and the barriers they face. More than 60 leading corporations and organizations have committed to tear the paper ceiling by adding their voice and taking action. In just one year we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of new jobs opened up to STARs that were previously inaccessible.