Expand your talent pool by more than 70 million skilled workers


Build a talent strategy that works in today’s labor market.

Employers face the unrelenting challenge of finding the right talent for their business’ needs. Unnecessary bachelor’s degree requirements harm businesses by limiting their access to workers. Shifting hiring practices to embrace STARs helps you find the skills you need, shortens the time to hire, increases retention, and more accurately matches talent to in-demand jobs. We can show you how.

Stackable Solutions To Support Your STARs Journey

STARs Analytics

Leverage data and analytics to inform your talent strategy by pinpointing opportunities to hire, develop, and advance STARs in the roles you need to fill.

STARs Narrative & Storytelling

Represent your industry and your community among a growing coalition of your peers advancing the movement by elevating STARs’ voices through your brand story.

Strategy Support for Hiring STARs

Scale inclusive hiring with our easy-to-use online tools like Stellarsight and Stellarworx. We’ll take a diagnostic approach to assess a baseline for your company, and then craft a customized plan to help you turn your hiring strategy into a reality

Partnering Employers

Employer Spotlight: Making an Impact

Gap Inc., parent company to Old Navy, has invested in and grown the This Way ONward program, which provides training, onboarding, one-on-one mentorship, coaching, and on-the- job skill building for young people in careers in retail – both in retail stores and beyond.

See how Benny — a STAR who used his on-the-job experience to rise from a Seasonal Sales Associate to Senior District Manager at Old Navy — and This Way ONward are supporting young STARs to advance their careers.

“A few years ago, we looked at many talent solutions in the market. There was a real risk of hard-wiring outdated notions of being a skilled worker. The Opportunity@Work team has done some incredible research that makes the business case for hiring STARs into today’s most in-demand jobs”

– Carolyn Pierce, Partner, Product and Technology Leader, McKinsey & Company

“Outdated and narrow views of credentials are causing otherwise innovative companies to miss out on hiring top talent like STARs. In partnership with Opportunity@Work there is an opportunity to create an inclusive future of work.”

– Jonathan Adashek, Chief Communications Officer and Sr. VP, Marketing and Communications, IBM