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Opportunity@Work is part of the growing movement of employers, training providers, entrepreneurs, and other advocates working to bridge the opportunity gap for the millions of workers in our country who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) rather than a bachelor’s degree, and are being left behind in today’s dynamic economy. Here’s how we’re working to rewire the labor market.

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The Design and Solution Engine for STARs Mobility

There’s a movement rising to open up new entryways, pathways, and opportunities for STARs, but a question remains for many employers: how do we do this right? STARsInnovation works with employers, talent developers, policymakers, and, most importantly, STARs themselves to identify and test cutting edge solutions to break down the barriers facing STARs.

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Data-Driven Insights to Create More STARs-Inclusive Hiring Strategies

For decades, STARs have been invisible in our labor market, screened out by a focus on hiring for degrees rather than skills. With a community of partners, STARsInsights is awakening employers to the value of STARs talent by gathering, sharing, and publishing data-driven insights.

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Insight on STARs to Drive Policies for Economic Mobility

The STARs Policy Project serves as a design and testing laboratory that helps organizations translate their promise into action. We aim to help STARs access higher-wage work and help the businesses who employ STARs fulfill their commitment to a more inclusive labor market.

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Complete Your Talent Strategy by Visualizing a More Inclusive Workforce

More and more companies are recognizing that STARs are the answer, but a blueprint for incorporating them into a talent strategy can be challenging. Stellarsight delivers a complete picture of the skilled talent pool by region so employers can confidently build an inclusive workforce strategy that meets today’s talent demands.

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The Only Skills-Based STARs-Centric Talent Matching Platform

Once employers have realized the value of dropping unnecessary degree requirements, they need to find STAR talent. That’s why we built Stellarworx, our ever-growing online marketplace that makes it easier for STARs, employers, and talent developers to connect to each other.

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