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Bringing together researchers, corporate partners, policymakers, and workforce partners to understand the barriers and opportunities to improve economic mobility opportunities for STARs – and for all workers in America.

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Reach for the STARs

Realizing the Potential of America’s Hidden Talent Pool

Using public datasets to study the skills that workers gain on the job, our research identifies 71 million workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (or STARs). They have the skills and work experience to meet the talent needs of American employers but are often overlooked because they lack traditional signals of job readiness, like four-year degrees.

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STARs Research Community

The STARs Research Community is a community of scholars who are committed to rigorous research and data analysis to further our understanding of the STAR population of workers. Insights from this community will inform employers and workforce practices so more STARs experience economic mobility in the labor market.

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STARs Insights Advisory Panel

The STARs Insights Advisory Panel provides expert guidance for the STARs Insights initiative. Chaired by Dr. Erica Groshen, former Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the panel includes advisors with experience in labor economics, workforce development, and the future of work across the public, private, and academic sectors.

  • Erica Groshen's Photo'

    Erica Groshen

    Former Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Peter Q. Blair's Photo'

    Peter Q. Blair

    Assistant Professor, Harvard University
  •  Chandra Childers's Photo'

    Chandra Childers

    Study Director, Institute for Women's Policy Research
  • Martin Fleming 's Photo'

    Martin Fleming

    Former Chief Economist, IBM
  • Michael Strain 's Photo'

    Michael Strain

    Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute
  • Keith Wardrip 's Photo'

    Keith Wardrip

    Community Manager, Philadelphia Federal Reserve


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