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Spotlight on STARs in the Workplace: How a Gap in Talent Development Hurts Employers and STARs

Workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) other than a bachelor’s degree demonstrate valuable skills on the job, but the vast majority don’t get the opportunities to develop their full potential. Why not?



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We surveyed more than 900 workers and 200 managers and found persistent patterns in workplace behavior that diminish STARs’ opportunities for development. This issue undermines STARs’ ability to deploy their full potential in the labor market, to the detriment of the workers who seek economic mobility and the businesses that need skilled workers.


STARs see fewer development opportunities than their degreed counterparts

While STARs have confidence in their skills, they do not believe managers believe in their skills. They experience less investment in their development than their degreed colleagues.

This talent investment gap has business costs. A failure to invest in employee talent undermines employee morale, retention, and productivity.

Overlooking the potential of STARs doesn’t just hurt the mobility of STARs—it can have negative impacts on business outcomes. Download the report to learn how employers can take action in their own workplaces to correct this oversight.


Organizations must make changes at an institutional level to fix the talent development gap



Download the report for tips on how to solve this issue, such as:
• Commit institutional resources to supporting STARs’ advancement
• Open pathways to management and leadership for STARs
• Build manager skills in inclusive talent development

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