Complete your talent strategy by visualizing a more inclusive workforce

The insights you need to unlock half of the U.S. workforce are now at your fingertips

Stellarsight is the only digital dashboard that aggregates the latest national labor market and STARs data, helping identify the best way to source workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs).

With a clear understanding of the STARs population in your region, you can finally see the complete picture of the skilled talent pool and more confidently build an inclusive workforce strategy that meets today’s talent demands.

STARs are the missing piece of your talent pipeline

Many employers are struggling to find qualified workers to fill open roles and meet DEI goals. Meanwhile, they are missing out on more than 70 million U.S. workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs) – such as on-the-job training, military service, training bootcamps, and community college – instead of a bachelor’s degree. STARs have the skills employers need and represent the diversity of the country, yet are often blocked from higher wage jobs by degree screens.


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Explore the diversity of the STARs workforce in your region


Stellarsight breaks down the most important STARs statistics by region, letting you cut the data by county and even by neighborhood. See where recruiting STARs can help improve workforce diversity, and which area jobs best prepare STARs for upward mobility.

Discover the proven pathways to recruit STARs with transferable skills


Across dozens of different job types, Stellarsight shows which jobs currently occupied by STARs offer the most transferable skills for more advanced roles. See how established job pathways – which have allowed STARs to use their skills to move into higher-wage work – can serve as a model for creating more opportunity for STARs in your organization.

Validate how job requirements impact the available talent pool


Adjust education and skill requirements to see in real time how the number of screened-in workers grows or shrinks. Stellarsight helps identify occupations that are similarly skilled so you can plan which of your open roles offer the greatest opportunity to broaden your talent pool with STARs.

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