Introducing a skills-based marketplace that puts STARs within reach.

Stellarworx is a faster way to match employers seeking to diversify their talent with trained professionals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs*).

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*STARs (noun) — There are more than 70 million talented professionals who don’t have a bachelor’s degree but have gained valuable skills on the job, through training programs or other alternative routes.2

What We Do

We’re changing the way you hire

Diversity First

There’s no lack of diverse talent. Smart employers know that there’s only a gap in ways to find it. Inclusive hiring doesn’t have to be so hard. There are more than 70 million STARs in the U.S. that cut across all races, regions, ethnicities, genders, and generations. By making it easier to discover STARs in our own urban, suburban, and rural communities, Stellarworx is the only marketplace you’ll need when you’re ready to embrace change.

Power of Three

Bachelor’s degrees have become a crutch for hiring managers when assessing a candidate’s actual skills. Why not have a partner instead? Stellarworx is unique because it brings together three key groups: STARs, ready-to-hire employers, and quality training providers – the missing link to making more informed hiring decisions based on validated skills.

The Need for Speed

An employer seeking to fill an entry-level tech role could spend six months to 2 years identifying and building trust with a quality training provider. Stellarworx speeds up this process, so that employers can more easily connect with the right training providers and more quickly hire their next STAR.

How Stellarworx works

Match Scores

The higher a candidate’s match score, the clearer the signal to employers that this candidate has the right skills to match the job listing.

Smart Matching

Our proprietary algorithm “learns” with every use to improve the efficiency of matching employers to only the best quality candidates.

Reputation Engine

Ratings and feedback from employers and providers in the marketplace mean better connections and greater confidence.

What they’re saying

“The marketplace is very user friendly when it comes to looking at the candidates and tracking the activity.”

Randstad, Employer

“The feature that I enjoy most is the up-to-date notices… [In the marketplace,] you are truly supported every step of the way and you get a unique experience that you may not find in other places.”

Sikeetheya Hudley, STAR

“Opportunity@Work’s marketplace is unlike many other platforms. It gives our staff the ability to guide and assist our candidates during their job search.”

Merit America, Training Provider