Scale up inclusive hiring with STARs

Stellarworx is the only talent matching platform built to connect employers to a broader pipeline of highly qualified and diverse workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes, or STARs.

One Site. Many STARs.

Over half of the US workforce are STARs, which means employers that recruit them on Stellarworx will see more than improved diversity, equity, and inclusion – they’ll find a new source of skilled talent that can fill open roles across the organization.

Find and hire many STARs in one place without having to comb through traditional job boards.


Find the right STARs for your roles

Traditional hiring practices don’t work when hiring STARs. Stellarworx uses machine learning from continuously refreshed real-world labor market data to intelligently recommend relevant skills for a job posting so you don’t have to guess.

Easily craft job listings that attract the right STARs for your needs.

Simplified screening for STARs

Talent developers – organizations like community colleges, bootcamps, and certificate programs – are a vital part of training for many STARs, but it can take up to two years to integrate them into talent pipelines. Stellarworx already has a strong network of vetted talent developers, so employers don’t need to manage those relationships.

Start sourcing qualified candidates immediately.

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