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Stellarworx makes it FREE and easy for employers to find, screen, and hire individuals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes or as we call them, STARs*.

Let us be your new talent pipeline for diverse, entry-level IT candidates.

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Almost 40% of all IT jobs can be done without a college degree.1

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*STARs (noun) — There are more than 70 million talented professionals who don’t have a bachelor’s degree but have gained valuable skills on the job, through training programs or other alternative routes.2

One Site. Many STARs.

No other site has aggregated so much untapped tech talent all in one place. Finding, screening, and hiring non-traditional talent has never been so easy.

A smarter way to find your match

Using the criteria that you specify, we can help deliver your dream shortlist faster. The higher the candidate’s “match score”, the more likely you are to have found your next STAR employee.

A better way to screen candidates

Make a more informed decision about a candidate’s skills (even the so-called “soft” ones) based on the ratings, reputation, and feedback given by a knowledgeable third-party — the people who trained them.

You can’t always see them…

Is your business at risk of disproportionately screening out African Americans, Latinx, rural Americans, and other diverse communities by requiring a four-year college degree?

but every business needs a STAR.

Hiring non-traditional talent doesn’t mean compromising on performance. In fact, 68% of employers say STARs are at least as productive as employees with a four-year degree.3

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  3. Source: Harvard Business School, Accenture & Grads of Life Study, 2016-17, p. 23