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The only place where every job is open to every STAR

Stellarworx connects workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes, or STARs, to quality jobs without bachelor’s degree requirements.

“Now that I have my foot in the door, I feel very optimistic about my career.”
Amber Wallace Dekie, hired by Iron Bow Technologies
“Stellarworx was a great opportunity for us to bring in candidates from different backgrounds, including STARs who have the experience and necessary skills.”
Director of Talent Acquisition, Iron Bow Technologies

If you can do the job, you can get the job

STARs have the skills and expertise to do higher-wage jobs, but through traditional hiring processes they are blocked by bachelor’s degree requirements. You deserve a fair chance to compete for the roles you already know you can do.

  • On Stellarworx, every job is posted without degree requirements.
  • On Stellarworx, every employer recognizes the value of STARs’ skills and is committed to opening roles for them.
  • On Stellarworx, employers are looking for STARs like you.

Apply with greater confidence

Smart skills builder

An advanced algorithm, built to assess qualifications based on skills, not degrees, intelligently recommends a comprehensive set of skills based on your resume and experience, so you don’t have to guess which skills are relevant.

Matching made easy

Match scores show how closely your unique skills and experience fit those needed for a job, quickly identifying potential and offering clarity on employers’ expectations.

Instant Messaging

Built-in messaging facilitates two-way transparency between STARs and employers, breaking down information barriers throughout your career search and creating a path for feedback.

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