Find more jobs for STARs, faster

Stellarworx is the only talent matching platform built to help talent developers quickly discover quality jobs specifically for their learners who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes, or STARs.

More jobs, just for STARs

Because STARs are frequently overlooked in traditional hiring processes, finding the limited number of jobs available to them requires even more time and effort. Stellarworx provides direct access to more jobs from employers specifically hiring STARs.

Find more time to focus on helping your learners reach their full potential.

Efficiently manage STARs’ hiring activity

Keeping track of learners’ career search can require hours of manual inputs. On Stellarworx, all candidate activity is automatically summarized with intuitive analytics visualizations that let you quickly see application progress, job attainment rates, and hiring activity over time.

Get the tools you need to stay organized throughout the career search.

Put STARs on a higher wage path

Your STARs seek opportunities to move up. Stellarworx offers a wide range of entry and middle-wage jobs, with guidelines for minimum salaries. Talent developers can also easily validate skills earned through their coursework, signaling increased value to employers.

Help your STARs get the best return on their investment in skill-building.

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