Unlock the potential of half of the American workforce


Join the movement to help millions of STARs gain access to opportunity.

New and existing industries desperately need talent and American workers need opportunity – STARs are ready to contribute their skills. We have an opportunity to reimagine the labor market, ensuring all American workers can thrive. Meeting this moment means including STARs in talent strategies, building solutions that enable public and private sector leaders to sustain change, and activating networks to drive impact. Join us in revolutionizing solutions that address some of the most pressing challenges of our generation.

How We’ll Make a Mission-Aligned Impact, Together

Rewire Hiring Practices To Include STARs

By enhancing and leveraging analytics, technology, and genAI, we can reverse hiring and mobility trends to ensure that STARs are screened in on purpose, with purpose.

Enhance Equity in the Labor Market

The current labor market fosters deep-rooted occupational segregation, as STARs are the majority of Black, Hispanic, Asian, women, and rural workers. Understanding the mobility patterns as they are- and where they should be- will help offer an equitable transition for millions of Americans.

Accelerate Solutions to Meet the Future of Work

Be a part of the solutions that will prepare emerging and traditional industries for the future of work. This is an opportunity to influence how regional networks fill their pipelines and support their local talent, for the better.


“Through our $16.9 million investment, Opportunity@Work will catalyze labor market data and technology infrastructure improvements to benefit more than half of the working population who are STARs.”

— Ryan Rippel, Director, U.S. Economic Mobility and Opportunity, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

“New Profit invests in social innovators who work to address the opportunity gap and change the way talent is valued, understanding that people acquire skills in a number of ways. We’re proud to bring our coalition to the table in support of this campaign to tear down the paper ceiling and transform economic mobility in America.”

– Abby Marquand, Partner, Economic Mobility, New Profit