Become a Member of the STARs Public Sector Hub

The STARs Public Sector Hub is a one-stop shop to equip public sector leaders at the federal, state and local levels with the resources, relationships and know-how to advance skills-based practices in the public sector.

Government leaders are facing labor shortages for their existing roles, while seeing an increasing demand for skilled-workers as a result of historic workforce investment through the Invest in America initiatives passed by Congress.

Policy makers across the country have recognized that the public sector will not be able to meet workforce demands without tapping into the talents of the 70+ million workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs). Skills-based practices will be critical to connecting the talent and potential of STARs to public sector opportunities.

Public Sector Hub Launch Date

The Hub will launch in May 2024, with Opportunity@Work and partners equipping public sector members to:

  • Leverage research & resources focused on skills-based practices, providing leaders with knowledge on the value STARs bring to their workforce and understand how to get started 
  • Design narrative to move leaders in the public sector towards action 
  • Understand STARs and regional labor markets through analytics & insights to meet pressing workforce demands
  • Learn from a community of public sector leaders who are advancing skills-based hiring at federal, state and local levels


Who can join the Hub?

Any employee of a public sector entity is welcome to join the STARs Public Sector Hub and gain access to its free resources and tools. Sign up in the form below to become a member, gain access to events, get notified of cutting-edge thinking, and learn about opportunities for implementation technical assistance.

We can provide an additional level of support in the form of customized insights, narrative, and data engagements. There is a cost associated with the delivery of these enhanced services. Pricing is determined by the kinds of support and services needed by each organization. Contact to learn more about these types of services:

Customize proven narratives with data-driven insights to support the transformation goals you seek
Customize insights from over 20 research reports for your regional context
Benchmark your performance and tap into tailored resources to support you in your journey
Join small groups of colleagues in similar roles across the country to problem solve together, in real time