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Gen Z’s new choices about college dream make sense


Entrepreneur Scott Galloway’s Section 4 runs business strategy “sprints” meant to make a business school education more accessible, and organizations such as Opportunity@Work are connecting applicants “skilled through alternative routes,” such as the military or on-the-job learning, with employers.

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Getting rid of degree requirements means changing a lot more than job-posting language


Your job postings should also be explicit that candidates don’t need diplomas. “Making it clear in the job description that a degree is not required is really helpful to [applicants], knowing that they can and should apply,” says Blair Corcoran de Castillo, senior director at Opportunity@Work, which advocates for redesigned hiring practices.

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Occupational Segregation Drives Persistent Inequality, Study Says


The New York Times reported on our recent research into occupational segregation, pointing out that in the past two decades, the number of Black workers with a four-year college degree or higher has more than doubled, to 4.8 million. But the income gains are far less than would be expected in a race-neutral labor market, due to the persistence of occupational segregation.

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