Insight and strategies to build an inclusive and sustainable workforce by recognizing the skills and potential of STARs

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Working towards an inclusive labor market

Our original research explores the drivers of STARs economic mobility to identify the skills, jobs, and practices that can open promising pathways to STARs.

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STAR Research Community

Activating a collaborative community of researchers

We conduct our own research, but that’s only the beginning. We also seek out and encourage the participation of research partners and collaborators.

Our goal? To inspire others to pursue new researchand question conventional wisdom on our workers, talent management practices, and workforce development. Over time, the available data and insights will multiply, delivering answers to every question that’s at the heart of economic mobility for STARs.

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STARs Insights Advisory Panel

Our STARs Insights Initiative Advisory Panel is chaired by Dr. Erica Groshen, former Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and includes advisors with experience in labor economics, workforce development and the future of work across the public, private, and academic sectors.

  • Erica Groshen's Photo'

    Erica Groshen

    Former Commissioner, Bureau of Labor Statistics
  • Peter Q. Blair's Photo'

    Peter Q. Blair

    Assistant Professor, Harvard University
  •  Chandra Childers's Photo'

    Chandra Childers

    Study Director, Institute for Women's Policy Research
  • Martin Fleming 's Photo'

    Martin Fleming

    Former Chief Economist, IBM
  • Michael Strain 's Photo'

    Michael Strain

    Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Research Partners


Read about the barriers, challenges, and possibilities that STARs are seeing today-and why they’re hopeful for a brighter future.

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