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Bridgette Gray

SVP and Chief People Officer

Bridgette Gray is a strategist, operator, and organization builder. She exemplifies leading-edge best practices in inclusive hiring, talent development, and onramps to equitable career opportunities. Leading our People and Culture team, Bridgette is responsible for driving and aligning O@W’s people-centric talent strategy with its customer-centric business strategy that is grounded in our mission to rewire the U.S. labor market so that all individuals Skilled Through Alternative Routes can work, learn, and earn to their full potential.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


One Houston Together: Bridging the Gap Between Talent and Opportunity

July 14, 2023
“There is no lack of talent, employers just need to change the sourcing of their talent,” Gray said. According to Opportunity@Work, workers Skilled Through Alternative Routes have been displaced from 7.4 million jobs as employers have shifted to relying on degrees over skills, creating an opportunity gap.

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Tearing through the invisible barrier to economic mobility

March 14, 2023
More than half of U.S. workers do not have a four-year bachelor’s degree. They’re what’s called STARs –Skilled Through Alternative Routes, and they get their start through community college, work experience, military service and credentialing.

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Skills, Not Frills

March 1, 2023
“We want to make sure we amplify STARs as a talent category,” says Bridgette Gray, chief customer officer for Opportunity@Work. “Degree discrimination is locking STARs out of many middle and high-wage jobs.”

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