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There is a growing movement of companies across the U.S. leading the charge for more inclusive recruitment and hiring practices. When employers remove degree requirements and prioritize skills-first hiring, they expand their talent pipeline and create greater access to jobs. But these changes don’t happen overnight.

Opportunity@Work is accelerating the movement one region at a time by bringing together employers, talent developers, and workers who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs). Because every region has unique needs, we’re strengthening the pipeline specific to each region. We offer multiple solutions designed to help companies of all sizes connect to the skilled and diverse talent in their local market.

We’re connecting employers, talent developers, and STARs and helping shape a more inclusive hiring journey in the following regions:

San Francisco Bay Area

The SF Bay Area is home to 1.4 million STARs. They are disproportionately Black and Hispanic.

The SF Bay Area economy is growing rapidly, but STARs are concentrated in low-wage industries and have seen their wages stagnate over the past 15 years. 

Through the Bay Area Opportunity Onramps (BAOO), we’re calling on Bay Area employers to work together toward hiring at least 5,000 Bay Area STARs into jobs with career mobility by 2024.

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Greater Los Angeles Area

The greater LA Area is home to 2.7 million STARs. In South Los Angeles, approximately 60% of both Black and Latinx/Hispanic workers are STARs. 

Stellarworx is an online STARs talent marketplace that has been active in the region since 2020, making it easier for employers in tech, business, entertainment and other key industries to find, vet and hire local STARs.

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DC-MD-VA Region (DMV)

The DMV region is home to 1.1 million STARs. STARs make 37% of the DMV regional labor market and are disproportionately Black. 

The DMV region is unique, as workers are concentrated in higher-wage occupations. Many STARs have also managed to find a footing in gateway occupations like computer & math fields, education, and protective service. However, only 36% of STARs are in jobs that pay more than median wage.

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