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Our Experts

Take a look at our experts below to learn more about Opportunity@Work and our mission to rewire the labor market.

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Byron Auguste

CEO & Co-Founder

Byron Auguste is CEO and co-founder of Opportunity@Work, a social enterprise based in Washington, D.C., which aims to rewire the U.S. labor market in ways that enable more Americans to achieve upward mobility in the job market and workplace. Byron was inspired by a diverse set of experiences to conceive and co-found Opportunity@Work in 2015. 

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Photo of Papia Debroy

Papia Debroy

Senior Vice President, Insights

Papia Debroy is the Senior Vice President of Insights at Opportunity@Work. She oversees the research work to assist private, public and social sector leaders to act to improve economic opportunity for individuals who are Skilled Through Alternative Routes (STARs).

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Photo of Shad Ahmed

Shad Ahmed

Chief Operating Officer

Shad Ahmed is Opportunity@Work’s Chief Operating Officer. He was previously Vice President of Growth & Business Operations at Medallia, where he designed, launched and led several teams as the software company tripled in size.

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Photo of Will Villota

Will Villota

Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Will joins Opportunity@Work after a decade leading brand and digital marketing campaigns for nonprofits in global conservation, renewable energy, and gun violence prevention. Most recently, as Vice President of Brand Marketing at Conservation International, Will championed creation of two pioneering virtual reality experiences and expanded the brand’s award-winning Nature is Speaking campaign into Asia and Latin America.

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