Jasmine Davis-Randolph's' Photo

Jasmine Davis-Randolph

Senior Manager, Design Research

Jasmine L. Davis-Randolph is the Social Science Researcher with Insights at Opportunity@Work. In this role, Jasmine will work to conceptualize, design, and execute research to expand the scholarship on STARs and economic opportunity.

Jasmine has extensive experience in managing projects from inception to successful communication of results. In addition, she has worked in policy-oriented organizations that focused on translating research findings into policy recommendations. Jasmine is a skilled survey methodologist and statistician with experience analyzing large data sets with complex sampling.

Throughout her professional and academic career, she has been working to create a healthier and more equitable society. Her research focuses on the impact of discrimination, trauma, and stigma on the well-being of marginalized communities. Additionally, she is interested in how race and ethnicity shape social interactions and its impact on the production and dissemination of policies. Jasmine will utilize her vast methodological knowledge and substantive understanding of social policies in her role as the Social Science Researcher at Opportunity@Work.