Rasha Saad's' Photo

Rasha Saad

Manager, Talent Acquisition & Growth

Rasha is the Talent Acquisition Manager, bringing in top talent to Opportunity@Work. She has previously worked in government contracting and has implemented many different strategies to ensure that the hiring process was fair, equitable, and always focused on DEIB. Her passion is ensuring candidate experience and satisfaction while cultivating strong relationships with internal teams to ensure the company’s strategy and vision is always moving forward. 

Rasha has always viewed her work through the lens of social justice and civil rights. Breaking down barriers and ensuring access for all excites and motivates her. There is nothing more fulfilling than changing a system that causes inequitable distribution of power to one that distributes power to all, allowing all to come to the table as their full selves, and contribute their best ideas. She’s a bit of an idealist, can you tell?

In her free time she advocates for equity in our schools, helps with her children’s parent teacher organizations, and reads every sci-fi/fantasy novel she can get her hands on.